The Good Men Project: “Striking Out”

Serving House Journal: Excerpts from As an Alien in a Land of Promise.

Shot Glass Journal: Two poems from March 2010 can be found here and two poems from May 2013 can be found here.

The Potomac: “The Crash”

“Tiny Fingers,” a poem written for my niece when she was born, was originally published in the Artsbridge/River Poets Anthology 2007.

The Music in It (Adele Kenny’s poetry blog): My poem “Burnt Offering” appears in two forms (draft and final) as part of a discussion of what my good friend Renee Ashley calls the Rut Buster prompt.

Big Hammer: “Last Decade” appears in issue 5 (p. 22) and “Certainties and Uncertainties” appears in issue 10 (p. 81)

New Jersey Bowl and Bladder Control No. 2: “Sonnets of the Everyday” (pp. 12-13)

Slow Trains Literary Journal: “Boplicity”

Free Press: Three poems

“Sonnet of the Everyday,” published in Chronogram in March 2006. (See p. 51)


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